Ian Adams

  1. 2006

    1. Hunt for Justice

      1. Best Movie - 2006 Geminis

      2. Nominated for best screenplay - 2006 Geminis

  2. 2005

    1. Hunt for Justice

      1. Overall Festival Favourite and Favourite Festival Feature - 2005 Orinda San Francisco Film Festival Audience Awards based on total ballots cast by audiences after each screening.

  3. 2004

    1. Tango Duro

      1. Nominated for Writer's Guild of Canada 2004 Jim Burt Award

  4. 2003

    1. Agent of Influence *

      1. Best Foreign Television Screenplay Award - LES 16E RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES DE TELEVISION, The Euro-International Film and Television Festival held March 16-23 2003 in Reims, France;

      2. Nominated for best screenplay in the Writer's Guild of Canada's 2004 television movie category;

      3. Nominated for best screenplay 2003 Geminis. Agent of Influence garnered five other Gemini nominations and one Gemini - Ted Whitall, best supporting actor;

      4. Nominated for best movie 2003 Geminis;

      5. Listed by the Writer's Guild of Canada in "Top Ten" Screenplays for 2003.

      6. Awarded a HUGOS "Certificate of Merit" in the Feature-Length Telefilm Drama category at the Chicago International Television Awards. March 2003.

* "Agent of Influence," starring Christopher Plummer, adapted by Ian and Riley Adams from Adams's 2001 novel of the same title, is based on the true story of Canadian ambassador John Watkins who died while under RCMP and CIA interrogation. Produced by Alberta FilmWorks and Gala Films, and premiered on April 13/03, "Agent of Influence" has been sold by Alliance-Atlantis to TV networks in 132 countries.


Christopher Plummer with Ian Adams on the set of “Agent of Influence”


Selected Journalism by Ian Adams

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1965, Indians:  An Abandoned and Dispossessed People

February 1967,  Why Did Charlie Wenjack Die?

1965, The Lonely Death of Charlie Wenjack was originally published in Macleans     Magazine, and rewritten and updated to become Chapter 2 of The Poverty Wall in 1970 under the title"Why Did Charlie Wenjack Die?" Click here to download a PDF of the article.

"Dying for an Education: Little Charlie - Education - CBC Player" Listen to the CBC's September 2012 radio documentary about Charlie's death and Ian's article by clicking here.

June 1967,  The Forgotten Miners

February 1968, Operation Zippo

1977, Judgment After Nuremberg

1980, Nazi A-Bomb

1980, The Disappearance

Books by Ian Adams

  1. Novels:

    1. Agent of Influence, Stoddart, 1999

    1. Becoming Tania, McClelland Stewart,1990

    1. Bad Faith, NC Press, 1983

    1. Endgame in Paris, Doubleday, 1979

    1. S. Portrait of a Spy, Gage, 1977

    1. The Trudeau Papers, McClelland & Stewart, 1972

  2. Nonfiction:

    1. Power of the Wheel - The Falun Gong Revolution, Stoddart, 1999

    1. The Poverty Wall, McClelland Stewart,1970

    1. The Real Poverty Report, Hurtig, 1972

  3. Plays:

    1. S. Portrait of a Spy, Produced GCTC, Ottawa, 1984; Produced TWP, Toronto, 1984

Screenwriting Awards


Ian Adams is a writer who has covered war in South-East Asia, revolutions and the "dirty wars" in South America. He has travelled widely in Africa, Pakistan, the Middle East, Central America, Europe and North America, and written about those places. He has published ten books, fiction and non-fiction, mostly about intelligence services, and essentially with the premise that intelligence organizations are really secret governments that in reality wield more power than democratically elected ones. Since 2000 he has also been writing screenplays, two of which he adapted from his books and were made into movies. (See the attached list of awards for produced screenplays written by him and his writing partner, Riley Adams.) He was born in the Congo to Irish missionary parents, grew up in Africa, and is now a resident of Toronto, and a Canadian citizen.